Most sexist jobs in America

Sexism refers to a form of discrimination that is based on one’s gender. It is popularly referred to as gender discrimination. This form of discrimination comes from stereotyping without any consideration given to a person’s abilities. It also occurs as a result of prejudices of particular issues relating to people of a particular gender. Sexism is often used when referring to discrimination against women.

Although we in America pride ourselves on being the greatest democracy in the world where all have a chance of achieving their dreams, this is really not always the case. Sexism at workplace still exists to a certain level. The American workforce comprises more men than women, even where we have women with better qualifications. This is sad but true. We still regard some jobs as being meant for men and others for women, rather than have a person’s abilities qualify them for, or disqualify them from, a particular position. For women especially, this tends to be the case.

How about the discrepancies in the wages earned by our women? A woman CEO earns substantially lower than a male counterpart who heads a similar organization. This type of sexism has been ongoing notwithstanding the fact that we have the Equal Pay Act. Statistics show that women earn lower weekly wages than their male counterparts. This is what sexism in the American workforce is all about; discrimination on a more subtle level, where it is hard for a woman to tell if she is being discriminated against. It is next to impossible for one to cry “Unfair!” as lack of evidence makes it very difficult to prove.

Based on statistics collated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, ForbesWoman analyzed the middle-level weekly pays of full-time workers according to occupation and gender in 2020. This highlighted the 10 most gender-biased jobs in America, which are:

Personal finance advisors
Securities, financial services, sales agents and commodities
Retail sales
Real estate managers
Marketing and Sales managers
Financial managers
Insurance Sales Agents
Supervisors of Housekeeping and Janitorial Workers
Real Estate Brokers
Truck Drivers
Some of the factors that have led to discrimination against women have been salary structures that are not transparent. These pay structures have seen many women earn far less than they deserve.

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